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Next Steps: Baptism

The Bible has a lot to say concerning the symbolic practice called baptism. It is one of the two ordinances that God has given His church. We hope the following information will help bring some clarity on a few common questions relating to Baptism.

What is baptism?

Baptism is a public celebration testifying that I am a Jesus follower!

Who should be baptized?

The Bible teaches that baptism is a symbol and that a person should be baptized to publicly declare their relationship with God through the person of Christ. Baptism symbolized life before Christ, burial with Christ in His death, and being raise as He was raise to new life! We believe that when a person has surrendered their life to Christ, then they should be baptized to communicate that with the world.

How do I get baptized at Gateway?

We celebrate baptism as often as needed. We have a very simple process set-up at Gateway for those who are interested in being baptized. The first step of that process is to contact our Leadership Team and they will walk step by step through what the Bible says about baptism, why it is significant, and what’s next on your journey of following Jesus. Please contact our team by filling out the form at the bottom of the page.